I'm using support package v4.

mFragmentManager = getSupportFragmentManager();

FragmentTransaction ft = mFragmentManager.beginTransaction();
ft.add(R.id.fragContainer1, new ModelListFragment(), FRAG_MODEL_LIST);
ft.add(R.id.fragContainer2, new TrimListFragment(), FRAG_TRIM_LIST);

Fragment fragment = mFragmentManager.findFragmentByTag(
Log.d("MY", "found fragment: " + (fragment != null));

Always returns "found fragment: false". I'm missing something really obvious here, what is it?

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As you can see in doc:

The commit does not happen immediately; it will be scheduled as work on the main thread to be done the next time that thread is ready.

that's why you doesn't see your fragment just after commit().

I agree with with Roosmaa, executePendingTransactions after a commit() works perfectly fine.

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