I have installed APC on our Windows dev server. After I enable APC and restart apache our pages do not load. They timeout and I just get connection was reset on browser. Other scripts on server such as phpmyadmin also does not load.

Here is our system config:

Windows 2003 Server
Apache 2.2.22
PHP Version 5.3.15
APC Version 3.1.11

Checking on apc.php I see hits 80% and misses 20%.

APC Runtime Settings

apc.cache_by_default    1
apc.canonicalize    1
apc.coredump_unmap    0
apc.enable_cli    0
apc.enabled    1
apc.file_md    50
apc.file_update_protection    2
apc.filters    ''
apc.gc_ttl    3600
apc.include_once_override    0
apc.lazy_classes    0
apc.lazy_functions    0
apc.max_file_size    1M
apc.num_files_hint    1000
apc.preload_path    ''
apc.report_autofilter    0
apc.rfc1867    0
apc.rfc1867_freq    0
apc.rfc1867_name    APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS
apc.rfc1867_prefix    upload_
apc.rfc1867_ttl    3600
apc.serializer    default
apc.shm_segments    1
apc.shm_size    32M
apc.slam_defense    1
apc.stat    1
apc.stat_ctime    0
apc.ttl    0
apc.use_request_time    1
apc.user_entries_hint    4096
apc.user_ttl    0
apc.write_lock    1

I have seen files created on designated temp folder with names such as .apc.a00532 but they have file size 0

I also checked php error log and I do not see anything there.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Edit I am using VC9 compiled PHP and my apache is matching VC9 compiled from apache lounge. I have tried using APC 3.1.9 also and that does not display page also. Any php script I run gives timeout except apc.php itself and there it shows me things are being cached.

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    You might see a bit more action over at serverfault. – Jon Lin Aug 13 '12 at 20:44
  • I did not want to create cross-site duplicate, If don't get some ideas here might move it to there. Thanks for the advice. – PoX Aug 14 '12 at 14:36
  • You arent using Zend Server are you? – wesside Aug 20 '12 at 13:51
  • @wes No Zend server apache from apache lounge, php from php.net both VC9 compiled – PoX Aug 20 '12 at 14:58

Maybe the APC version you're using is not matching your PHP version.
The first thing I should do is to run php -v from the command line and check for errors.
Be aware that the APC 3.1.11 version is still beta; the latest stable version is 3.1.9.
You can download the APC precompiled binary version from here.
To choose the right APC version (VC6/VC9 - thread-safe/non-thread-safe), you should disable APC and open a "phpinfo()" page, then look for the options "Thread safety" and "Configure command".
If you have downloaded your PHP from the PHP site, the 5.3.15 version should be VC9 compiled.
This version should not be used with "apache.org" binaries, as you can read here, so you should also use the Apache VC9 version, available from Apache Lounge.

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  • Thanks for info. For this setup I have php VC9 and apache VC9 from the sources you have also mentioned. My Apache is from Apache Lounge. I will edit question to give these info too. – PoX Aug 17 '12 at 13:02
  • Its running as Apache module and I just tried running a script after turning on enable_cli option. It ran fine and gave me output through cli as expected. – PoX Aug 17 '12 at 19:47
  • Yes I have checked tmp folder added to open_basedir also I see apc created C:\Program Files\PHP\temp\apc.XXXXXX file but it has 0 filesize. I also let it to write win\temp and same results. – PoX Aug 17 '12 at 20:17
  • Still no response from any script there on browser. From cli I get open_basedir restriction error if I set that to empty. FYI normally I have C:\windows\temp there under open_basedir too. I have downloaded sources for php I will try to compile them in my machine. – PoX Aug 17 '12 at 20:31
  • Tried setting open_basedir to none and using default php.ini file. Pages still do not load also now apc.php does not load also. At least that became more consistent :D – PoX Aug 20 '12 at 15:01

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