I'm trying to map IQueryable< entity> to IQueryable< entityDTO> using Automapper for generating Linq. I'm working on a Web API project w/ entity framework and oracle 11g.

public virtual IQueryable<TDto> Get() 
IQueryable<TEntity> EntObjs;
EntObjs = GenericService.Get();     
var Dtos = EntObjs.Project().To<TDto>();
return Dtos;

It works fine as long as the Tentity type does not have any Collections in it. I found info at http://www.devtrends.co.uk/blog/stop-using-automapper-in-your-data-access-code that has got be halfway to solving the problem. I know I can map the collections with Automapper using the follow function, but I need it to be in linq so I do not break the Iquerable chain.

Mapper.Map<TSource, TDestination>(Source,Destincation);

You may use this in the query chain.

For example:

EntObjs.Project(). Select(x=> Mapper.Map(x))...

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  • Does the Mapper.Map break the IQueryable chain? I cant break this chain due to using Odata filters. – Nick Tullos Aug 9 '12 at 15:26
  • Sorry it might. Try it out and let me know. – Aliostad Aug 9 '12 at 15:28

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