This code:

$(doc).on('touchstart touchend', function(ev){
    var or = ev.originalEvent;
    console.log('y: '+or.layerY+' x '+or.layerX);

Is displaying the coordinates of the position where I tap on in iOS 5, but in iOS 4 is giving 0 for both coordinates. doc is a variable that contains the contentDocument of an iframe and I'm using jQuery 1.7.1. Any thought?


I ended up using the properties ev.originalEvent.touches[0].pageX and ev.originalEvent.touches[0].pageY. Don't know why layerX and layerY are not working properly, but the other ones seems to make the trick

  • "pageX" is not the best one, just in case the scroll move while the touch occurs, for whatever reason. "clientX" or "screenX" might be better. – challet Aug 10 '13 at 17:59

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