in my web app I've got a google map used to display some locations on it. Each of these locations is stored in a db and shown on the map. I need to set the map zoom level so that all the markers are included in the area shown by the map. Thanks for your help.


You need to create an instance of LatLngBounds class and then as you add each location/marker to your map you use the extend(point:LatLng) method to extend the bound by the markers LatLng coordinate. When you're done adding markers and extending the LatLngBounds you use the Map class methods fitBounds(bounds:LatLngBounds) or panToBounds(latLngBounds:LatLngBounds) to zoom and move the viewport to fit the bound.

Daniel Vassallo provides a nice code example of all of this at https://stackoverflow.com/a/3521067/881551


The zoom level range from 0 to 21 For your case you probably want to set the value to lower as possible probably about 8 or 9. You may see below example here: where it display 10 locations together into one google map.


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