I have a group of images in my My.Resources. I want to select select images to display dynamically at run time. How do I do this?

'Static (Compile time) Assignment
UltraPictureBox1.Image = my.Resources.zoo_picture_1

'Dynamic (Runtime) Assignment
UltraPictureBox1.Image = ???

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Found the solution:

UltraPictureBox1.Image = _
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    Oh man they could have made the same code work in both situations! I mean, .NET is full of those things like "do not say it's "form1", call it "me" instead". They could simply have auto-correction or even better, compile the code in the same way. /rant Dec 10, 2009 at 11:16

This works for me at runtime too:

UltraPictureBox1.Image = My.Resources.MyPicture

No strings involved and if I change the name it is automatically updated by refactoring.


Make sure you don't include extension of the resource, nor path to it. It's only the resource file name.

PictureBoxName.Image = My.Resources.ResourceManager.GetObject("object_name") 
  • How would I differ between File.jpg and File.pdf, if I have these resources (same filename, different extension)? Feb 1, 2018 at 12:44
Dim resources As Object = My.Resources.ResourceManager
PictureBoxName.Image = resources.GetObject("Company_Logo")

Sometimes you must change the name (or check to get it automatically from compiler).


Filename = amp2-rot.png

It is not working as:

PictureBoxName.Image = resources.GetObject("amp2-rot.png")

It works, just as amp2_rot for me:

 PictureBox_L1.Image = My.Resources.Resource.amp2_rot

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