I have trouble drawing a triangle with the draw(Graphics g) method in Java. I can draw a rectangle like so:

public void draw(Graphics g) {
    g.fillRect(p.x, p.y, width, height);
    g.drawRect(p.x, p.y, width, height);

Where p represents "the top left corner of the shapes". How would I draw the triangle in the same manner?

Could someone give me an example for a standard triangle?

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There is not a drawTriangle method neither in Graphics nor Graphics2D. You need to do it by yourself. You can draw three lines using the drawLine method or use one these methods:

These methods work with polygons. You may change the prefix draw to fill when you want to fill the polygon defined by the point set. I inserted the documentation links. Take a look to learn how to use them.

There is the GeneralPath class too. It can be used with Graphics2D, which is capable to draw Shapes. Take a look:


You should try using the Shapes API.

Take a look at JPanel repaint from another class which is all about drawing triangles, look to the getPath method for some ideas

You should also read up on GeneralPath & Drawing Arbitrary Shapes.

This method is much easy to apply AffineTransformations to


Use a line algorithm to connect point A with point C, and in an outer loop, let point A wander towards point B with the same line algorithm and with the wandering coordinates, repeat drawing that line. You can probably also include a z delta with which is also incremented iteratively. For the line algorithm, just calculate two or three slopes for the delta change of each coordinate and set one slope to 1 after changing the two others proportionally so they are below 1. This is very important for drawing closed geometrical areas between connected mesh particles. Take a look at the Qt Elastic Nodes example and now imagine drawing triangles between the nodes after stretching this over a skeleton. As long as it will remain online


there is no command directly to draw Triangle. For Drawing of triangle we have to use the concept of lines here.

i.e, g.drawLines(Coordinates of points)


There is no direct method to draw a triangle. You can use drawPolygon() method for this. It takes three parameters in the following form: drawPolygon(int x[],int y[], int number_of_points); To draw a triangle: (Specify the x coordinates in array x and y coordinates in array y and number of points which will be equal to the elements of both the arrays.Like in triangle you will have 3 x coordinates and 3 y coordinates which means you have 3 points in total.) Suppose you want to draw the triangle using the following points:(100,50),(70,100),(130,100) Do the following inside public void paint(Graphics g):

int x[]={100,70,130};
int y[]={50,100,100};

Similarly you can draw any shape using as many points as you want.


You can use Processing library: https://processing.org/reference/PGraphics.html

There is a method called triangle():


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