I frequently lose my editing in Eclipse when I switch from a buffer to another. I am using MugSoft's Enacs+'s plugin in Eclipse. This plugin allows one to use most of the Emacs shortcuts in Eclipse. But I feel often confused when I switch to some buffer using "ctrl + b" and then switched back using the same shortcut. My unsaved editing in the original buffer got abandoned definitively by Eclipse, so that I can not even recover it using 'undo' facilities.

Do you have some similar issues? Is it normal??

Thanks for your ideas.


Try removing the Emacs plugin and see if the problem persists. Otherwise, I recommend trying to reinstall Eclipse :) Probably the easiest way to fix something like this. If you re-install the Emacs plugin and the problem comes back, then you know where the problem is, and should probably file a bug report.

Note: (It could be a feature of the plugin, so make sure you check all of the preferences as well.)

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