I am updating the width of a select element, using .css, when occurs an onchange event. In HTML:

<select name="city_search" id="city_search" onchange='resetDropDown("#state_search");'>
<select name="state_search" id="state_search" onchange='resetDropDown("#city_search");'>


function resetDropDown(elementObj)
    var selectBoxWidth = $(elementObj).attr('id') == 'college_search' ? 143 : 113;

For some reason, the attribute width is correctly changed, but chrome does not show the changes until the element is inspected or page is refreshed. Is there a way to force chrome to show the changes applied on the element style?

Thanks in advance. Elizabeth


This problem can be solved by force the webkit to redraw/repaint the style changes. You can refer to this answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3485654/567101

  • Thanks a lot. Forcing the webkit to redraw element worked fine. – elizabethr Aug 13 '12 at 17:40

Very simple solution worked for me. Try to change $(document).ready to $(window).load

The problem may be on getting the document ready. If function runs once windows loads then it may work.


OnChange event fires only when object changes AND loose focus. Your could use some workaround like using keyup event for text inputs or click event for checkboxes. Depending on a context of select change you may need to manually trigger change event. I suggest onclick instead of onchange should work for you if your select element changes when user chooses different option.

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