Are there any industry standard conventions for naming jar files?

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I have been using



M = major version number (changed when backward compatibility is not necessarily maintained)

m = minor version number (feature additions etc)

b = build number (for releases containing bug fixes)

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    Example: apache-ant-1.6.5.jar . Note that a hyphen is used as the word separator, not underscore. Sep 23, 2008 at 6:45

If your jar is used for JEE then these guidelines apply:

The module name is used as the EJB archive name. By default, the module name should be based on the package name and should be written in all-lowercase ASCII letters. In case of conflict, the module name should be a more specific version (including other part of the package name):

EJB archive: -ejb.jar

EJB client archive: -ejb-client.jar

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