I am looking for information regarding the technical limitations when using Fusion Tables : - - how many rows can be stored in a Fusion Table - how many queries (read/write) can be run simultaneously against a Fusion Table. I could not find any info on https://developers.google.com I asked a Google representative and he told me that Fusion Tables is still an experimental / beta product, and I shall check out at stackoverflow.

I plan to develop an application where users will update attributes of specific locations. I would like to use Fusion Tables so that locations and their attributes are stored in a Fusion Table. The application will involve a lot of read/updates of the table (up to 500 000 read/update queries in one minute), with up to 3 000 000 locations registered in the Fusion Table so I wonder if I will be limited by the technology, technically or regarding the terms of service.

My impression is that Fusion Tables are not really supposed to be updated with such a high frequency.


There are a number of limitations to consider:

  • 25,000 requests/day
  • 250MB space per table
  • A cell of data in Fusion Tables supports a maximum of 1 million characters
  • Insert Limits
    • Maximum data size for a single HTTP request is 1MB
    • Total number of table cells being added cannot exceed 10,000 cells (not rows!)
    • A single request may contain up to a maximum of 500 INSERT statements
  • Only the first 100,000 records are mapped or included in spatial query results
  • When viewed on a map, map tiles may exceed the 500 feature-per-tile limit, and features will be dropped from the map

Please note that the last two limits above are described in a deprecated section of the documentation, I couldn't find newer documentation about it. Maybe the limit does no longer exist or it just has not yet been documented. But the limits certainly apply if you are using FusionTablesLayer to to display data on Google Maps.

FusionTablesLayer limits:

  • Max. 5 layers per map
  • Only to one of those layers styles can be applied
  • Max. 5 styles may be applied on this layer
  • Only the first 100,000 rows of data in a table are mapped or included in query results
  • Map tiles may exceed the 500 feature-per-tile limit, and features will be dropped from the map

If you are a Google Maps Premier customer, some of the limits can be modified.

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  • What happens after number of request increases the limit? Also, if I create an application using an API key, does the number of hits per user of the application or total number of hits by the application count? – harshit Oct 9 '12 at 12:04
  • Also, do you have an idea of about what are the charges if one wishes to to increase the limits? – harshit Oct 9 '12 at 12:06
  • I'm not entirely sure, but I think the 25'000 request/day are refering to requests done with your API key. But you can request more requests in the API console if you need more. I don't know about the charges for increase the limits. It's probably best to ask Google directly. – Odi Oct 9 '12 at 15:25

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