The Apple documentation says that the - (void)removeObject:(id)anObject method removes all occurrences of the given object from an NSMutableArray.

Is there a way to remove only one occurrence of the object from the array?


If you have a particular instance that you want removed, which has a unique memory address but would otherwise compare equal to other instances, you would use removeObjectIdenticalTo:.

If you want to remove the first object in the array that fits the bill, use indexOfObject:, which finds the lowest index, followed by removeObjectAtIndex: You can also use indexesOfObjectsPassingTest: to get the list of all indexes that contain equal objects, as an NSIndexSet, and then pick one out from there -- perhaps lastIndex, e.g.


It is really simple: [yourArray removeObjectAtIndex:[yourArray indexOfObject:yourObject]]


Yes, you want to find the index of the specific object you want to remove and call:

- (void)removeObjectAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index

See the Apple documentation for NSMutableArray here.

  • Yes I know of this method. However I was looking for a method where I don't need to know the index. Where I only need to provide the actual object to be removed. – gossainapps Aug 15 '12 at 4:20
  • than you have create your own function to delete it. – freelancer Aug 15 '12 at 4:30

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