This is a duplicated of Removal of billboards from given ones, I have read the answers to this question (and others) carefully, but i still cant wrap me head around it ? what is soulcheck mean in his answer ?

I dont want code, I just want the algorithm explained in plain english. and if an example is provided I'll greatly appreciate it .

  • I have added my answer in the original post. It would be too hard for me to explain in plain english, so I wrote some pseudocode. – Alexander Chertov Aug 16 '12 at 11:50

He suggests to make and P[n,k] array, where P[i,j] would store the maximum possible value (profit) that could be obtained from the billboards 1..i (with some of them removed if necessary), so that there are exactly j consecutive billboards at the right side.

Edit: By the way this solution doesn't meet the requirements of the problem (N <= 10^5)

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