I already looked at this topic, but I need the answer flipped around. How would I set the assembly information attributes* in a Win32 DLL?


Okay, I figured it out with a little more looking.

  • Right click the Visual Studio Project, and select Add -> Resource..
  • Select 'Version', then click 'New...'

Visual Studio will generate the files for you, and you can simply edit the information.


Do you mean a native (unmanaged) DLL? Native DLLs don't have an assembly version, they have a version info.

  • Yeah, that is what I am looking for (you tell me you're the expert here). Basically I have a framework of five .NET assemblies and this one Win32 assembly, and I would like the assembly information to match so this one DLL does not look like an odd one of the batch (like it was hacked/modded/changed/etc) – David Anderson Jul 29 '09 at 5:01
  • Okay, see my answer above. I did a little more looking while waiting for an answer and figured it out. Posted the solution for others to see. (Saying VERSIONINFO really helped my Google query! Thanks!) – David Anderson Jul 29 '09 at 5:13

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