I want to write a native application in c to get the value of orientation in Tizen. The compiled c code must be run on the Tizen phone and I need to get the Value of orientation. The callback function i got from Tizen source is

int app_cb_broker_appcore_rotation_event(enum appcore_rm rm, void *data)
    app_device_orientation_cb device_orientation_cb;

    device_orientation_cb = app_context.callbacks->device_orientation;

    if (device_orientation_cb != NULL)
            app_device_orientation_e dev_orientation;

            dev_orientation = app_convert_appcore_rm(rm);

            device_orientation_cb(dev_orientation, app_context.user_data);

    return 0;

How to use this function to get the value of current orientation?


Looking at the header file: https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=framework/appfw/app-core.git;a=blob;f=include/appcore-common.h;hb=HEAD

It looks like you should call appcore_set_rotation_cb to register a callback function to be informed when the rotation changes. If you want to get the existing state you can call appcore_get_rotation_state.

There's some sample code in the API docs included in the header file.

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