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Is it possible to generate a new ID for the session using ASP.NET?

I want it to change when someone logs in to my website just before I set their initial session variables.

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You can do this using the SessionIdManager class:

SessionIDManager manager = new SessionIDManager();

string newID = manager.CreateSessionID(Context);
bool redirected = false;
bool isAdded = false;
manager.SaveSessionID(Context, newID, out redirected, out isAdded);

[Code sample is from Anas Ghanem's article]

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Yes, with above code I get new sessionId every time but this causes other problem ie. it clears session variable every time page loads even when I have put above code in if (!IsPostBack){} –  Developer Jul 7 '14 at 17:45
@user1650891 you should start a new question –  stuartd Jul 7 '14 at 18:41
Here is the link to my question link –  Developer Jul 8 '14 at 3:44

you can use

SessionIDManager.CreateSessionID Method : returns a unique session identifier that is a randomly generated number encoded into a 24-character string.


SessionIDManager Manager = new SessionIDManager(); 
string NewID = Manager.CreateSessionID(Context); 
string OldID = Context.Session.SessionID;
bool redirected = false;
bool IsAdded = false;
Manager.SaveSessionID(Context, NewID,out redirected, out IsAdded);

Here you can find full detail about hsi : Changing the session ID programmatically.

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yes it is possible to generate new ID for the session. below is one example

SessionState.SessionIDManager Manager = new SessionState.SessionIDManager(); 
string NewID = Manager.CreateSessionID(Context); 
string OldID = Context.Session.SessionID; 

bool IsAdded = false; 
Manager.SaveSessionID(Context, NewID, false, IsAdded); 

Response.Write("Old SessionId Is : " + OldID); 
if (IsAdded) { 
    Response.Write("<br/> New Session ID Is : " + NewID); 
else { 
    Response.Write("<br/> Session Id did not saved : "); 
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I assume this is security related? Will a Session.Clear() or Session.Abandon() work for you? This is a good SO link related to those methods.

Otherwise, it is difficult because the ASP.NET session cookie is already on the user's browser. You might not have confidence that the session was truly changed.

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