I want to pass in a comma separated list of values into a script as part of a single switch.

Here is the program.


Write-Host "[$foo]"

Here is the usage example

PS> .\inputTest.ps1 -foo one,two,three

I would expect the output of this program to be [one,two,three] but instead it is returning [one two three]. This is a problem because I want to use the commas to deliminate the values.

Why is powershell removing the commas, and what do I need to change in order to preserve them?

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The comma is a special symbol in powershell to denote an array separator.

Just put the arguments in quotes:

inputTest.ps1 -foo "one, two, three"

Alternatively you can 'quote' the comma:

inputTest.ps1 -foo one`,two`,three

Following choices are available

  1. Quotes around all arguments (')

    inputTest.ps1 -foo 'one,two,three'

  2. Powershell's escape character before each comma (grave-accent (`))

    inputTest.ps1 -foo one`,two`,three

Double quotes around arguments don't change anything !
Single quotes eliminate expanding.
Escape character (grave-accent) eliminates expanding of next character

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    Double quotes seem to have a weird behaviour. If I use them directly in Powershell, they work, but if I launch Powershell with arguments from another program, they do not work.
    – NovaLogic
    Jun 7, 2018 at 14:18

Enclose it in quotes so it interprets it as one variable, not a comma-separated list of three:

PS> .\inputTest.ps1 -foo "one,two,three"


if you are passing parameters from a batch file, then enclse your params as below """Param1,Param2,Param3,Param4"""


Powershell will remove the commas and use them to delimitate an array. You can join the array elements back into a string and put a comma between each one.

$foo_joined = $foo -join ","
write-host "[$foo_joined]" 

Any spaces between your arguments will be removed, so this:

PS> .\inputTest.ps1 -foo one, two, three

will also output: [one,two,three]

If you need the spaces you'll need quotes, so do this:

PS> .\inputTest.ps1 -foo one,"two is a pair"," three"

if you want to output: [one,two is a pair, three]

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