There are various extensions being used for configuration or initialization files across many operating systems and programming languages.

Some examples include: .cnf, .ini, .cfg

What would be a good choice for cross-platform program or script to use for configuration file extension?


Depends on:

  • the technology you are (e.g. ASP.Net uses web.config files that can be modified without recompiling)

  • on what level you want to use the configuration file

    • XML might be appropriate (and is widely used)
    • just plain text will do as well (but might be harder to interpret)

..just use whatever sounds the coolest to you.

  • At the moment I am using plain text. You have a good point about XML, XML or JSON format could be used, in that case they have their own extensions. – dabest1 Aug 16 '12 at 23:12

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