http://localhost/cakephp/users i got a error when i am using this url

Error: UsersController could not be found.

Error: Create the class UsersController below in file: app/Controller/UsersController.php

http://localhost/cakephp/app/users/view/register.html and when i am using this i got a error

Error: The action users is not defined in controller AppController

Error: Create AppController::users() in file: app/Controller/AppController.php.

so what should i do ???


You need to create a file named as UsersController.php in app/Controller.

And create a method register in UsersController.php and create a file with .ctp extension in app/View/Users/register.ctp.

And you can access this file using: http://localhost/cakephp/users/register

This docs link will surely help you to give the complete understanding of creating actions and their respective view files.

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