I have a TabControl which I have designed in the VS2005 designer that has about 7 tabs.

How can I easily switch the order of the tabs around?

I put one tab at the end in a rush, but now I want it somewhere in the middle.


In the properties of the tab control there's a TabPages collection. You should be able to shuffle them around in there. Just click the ellipses next to TabPages and a dialog will appear allowing you to move each one up or down in the order.

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Mark the TabControl in the Designer.

In the Properties Window (F4) you have a TabPages Property. You can open a new Window where you can reorder the TabPages.

If you want to do that at runtime you have to do

tabControl.TabPages.Add(tabPage1); // add to the end
tabControl.TabPages.Insert(2, tabPage1); // add on specific position
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  • TabPages.Insert is what I was looking for. I don't understand why they didn't overload the Add method for this. – Himanshu Jansari Oct 10 '19 at 9:49
  • @hims056 Thats because TabPages is a collection that implements IList interface. Every class that implents IList has an Add method to add an item to the end of the list and and an Insert method to insert an item at a specified position. This makes the framework consistent. You can make an extension method if you prefer to overload the Add method instead public static void Add(this IList list, int position, object Item) – Jürgen Steinblock Oct 17 '19 at 6:55

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