I have this scenario. JobA and JobB. Is there a chance to start the JobB mapping phase using the data provided by the JobA reduce phase while this is still working?


The only thing that comes in my mind is to have a thread(started in your driver class) which permanently checks the output directory of JobA. When a particular(set of) part-r-xxxx file(s) were created and completely written you can start JobB having as input that particular(set of) part-r-xxxx file(s).

The only problem I can identify now is the one related to checking whether a part-r-xxxx file was completely written.

  • You wont see a part-r- file until it has been completely written by a particular reducer. So you could start processing part-r files as they appear and you will know they are complete. – Binary Nerd Jan 8 '13 at 4:14

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