I'm trying to build a page that consists of an IFRAME flanked on the top and bottom by status bars, each 40px tall. I'm using Twitter bootstrap's navbar class to provide these status bars.

The problem is I'd like the IFRAME to auto-size it's height to take up the entire browser window, minus 40px on the top and 40px on the bottom.

Any ideas how to do this? Nothing I try seems to work.

Thanks in advance.


Yes. Create empty divs on the top and bottom that are 40px tall, with position:absolute top:0; and bottom:0 respectively, and then make a div that strestches the mid section.

You will probably need to use the jquery `$(window).height(); to get the height of the browser window.

Hope your not opposed to a little JS

-Good Luck

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    Thanks -- that worked (see post below with code) – Ted Benson Aug 18 '12 at 18:57

Thanks. That worked. I did this:

 $(function() {
   window.updateIframe = function() {
     var h = $(window).height();
     $("#iframe").height(h - 80);
  • Cool, glad that worked! – OneChillDude Aug 18 '12 at 20:32

last line should be: window.resizeTo(window.updateIframe);

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