I'm currently developing a monitoring application for some in-house hardware using net-snmp. I have code that somewhat works, when calling snmp_pdu_free() my code segfaults. I am creating the pdu struct with snmp_create_pdu(). I would like an API reference to see if I am in fact writing my code correctly, but I haven't been able to find one. The best thing I've found is the tutorials on the net-snmp website, but they aren't much help for determining if my code is correct while I'm debugging.

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The Net-SNMP documentation is not very helpful, unfortunately. Overall, the API is a bugger to work with, but it does work.

Aside from net-snmp.org and the mailing list, this is the only other useful Net-SNMP related reference I've found useful:


Also, sign up for the 'net-snmp-coders' mailing list. It is very active and you can get feedback directly from the authors of Net-SNMP.


Good luck.


There are MAN pages for net-snmp, try man snmp-free-pdu. If that doesn't help, the source code for 5.3.3 is available to download here:


  • The man pages don't mention snmp_create_pdu, though the tutorial does mention it and the sources reference it.
    – Edward
    Jul 29, 2009 at 20:34

In the tutorial, they don't call snmp_free_pdu() to delete the PDU created with snmp_create_pdu(). Instead, they call it to delete the one returned by snmp_synch_response().

Indeed, it's stated in the comments:

The pdu is freed by snmp_send() unless a failure occured.

I personally think that it's an awkward design decision, but it's too late now.

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