I have to work with some image files. They are named as .png and .jpg, but I tried 3 different image viewers, and none of them could open the files. I found out that the first 8 bytes of these files were CF10rUrm, and DROID told me it was a JTIP (JPEG Tiled Image Pyramid).

I need to use these from Python. Does anybody know of any way to either view these image files, convert them to another format, or, (a bit of a stretch), to read them directly from Python? (I've tried PIL already, and it doesn't recognize them.)

I know it's possible, since the program that uses these image files can view them. It's not open source, however.

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    The format is dead, right? This page gives some info on how the tiles relate to each other: beazley.ox.ac.uk/copyright.htm check out the clickable picture that shows you how the file is broken up. Do you have a sample file? I'm sure there is some sort of marker that can identify the start of a new level or of a new tile. I can't find much on the format, not even listed as an official JPEG format anymore. I think it was re-absorbed by the SPIFF format? – Benjamin Feb 4 '11 at 21:05

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