I have a class library that I'm porting to a Windows 8 Store Class Library. One of the methods uses the now not supported synchronous HttpWebRequest. I need to keep the method synchronous as the Async work has been done in the applications not the library and changing it would take a great deal of effort. I've changed it to a Synchronous task with IAsyncresult but I'm not sure how to set the request timeout using this code. Can someone help? Also can anyone see any other issues I may encounter with this code?

//Create Web Request
HttpWebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(uri) as HttpWebRequest;
IAsyncResult asyncResult = request.BeginGetResponse(null, null);

if (asyncResult.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne(5 * 1000))
    //Get Response
    using (HttpWebResponse response = request.EndGetResponse(asyncResult) as HttpWebResponse)
        if (request.HaveResponse && response != null)
            using (Stream reader = response.GetResponseStream())
                result = XDocument.Load(reader);

UPDATE: I've added a waithandle to the request and if it times out I abort the httpwebrequest. Does this take care of any threads started by HttpWebRequest?


How about:

if(false == request.GetResponseAsync().Wait(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(2.0)))

Now keep in mind, this is simply the timeout to wait on the asynchronous operation. To specifically deal with a timeout on the response/requeststream operation, see HttpWebRequest.Timeout.

You don't have to use async/await with *Async methods. They simply return a Task<T> object that you can work with and use methods like Wait, ContinueWith, etc... Much easier than dealing with the Begin/End (APM pattern)...

FWIW the *Async pattern is called the Task Asynchronous Pattern (TAP). It seems to be the recommended pattern now, replacing the Asynchronous Programming Model (APM, Begin/End) and Event-based Asynchronous Pattern (EPM, Completed, CancelAsync, etc...).

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  • Thanks Peter, I want to try and use something that's supported in .net 4 if possible so the code can be shared between the old and new applications using this library, although I could use directives if pushed. I've updated my post with a request.abort. Do you know if that will kill the thread created by the request? – Oli Aug 21 '12 at 21:02
  • Ahh, okay. I saw Windows 8 Store Application and assumed you were targeting 4.5... You can wrap the begin/end with TaskFactory.FromAsync to get it to create Task<T> for you... – Peter Ritchie Aug 21 '12 at 21:10

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