I would like to have a pyqt signal, which can either emit with a python "object" subclass argument or None. For example, I can do this:

valueChanged = pyqtSignal([MyClass], ['QString'])

but not this:

valueChanged = pyqtSignal([MyClass], ['None'])
TypeError: C++ type 'None' is not supported as a pyqtSignal() type argument type

or this:

valueChanged = pyqtSignal([MyClass], [])
TypeError: signal valueChanged[MyObject] has 1 argument(s) but 0 provided

I also tried None without the quotes and the c++ equivalent "NULL". But neither seems to work. What is it I need to do to make this work?


There are a couple of reasons why what you tried didn't work.

Firstly, the type argument of pyqtSignal accepts either a python type object or a string giving the name of a C++ object (i.e. a Qt class).

So, to use None as an argument type, you would have to pass type(None) rather than the string "None".

Secondly, None is special-cased to allow the default overload of the signal to be used without explicitly selecting the signature.

So if you created the signal like this:

valueChanged = QtCore.pyqtSignal([MyClass], [type(None)])

and then attempted to emit the signal like this:


you would get an error like this:

TypeError: Window.valueChanged[MyClass].emit():
argument 1 has unexpected type 'NoneType'

So using valueChanged[type(None)] would actually result in the default signature ([MyClass]) being selected, which would then receive a mismatched argument of None.


A hacky workaround for this is to define your signal to emit object. Since None and MyClass both inherit from object it works as expected. This requires no casting in the slot.

Working in PyQt5 5.11.3 and Python 3.5.6


valueChanged = QtCore.pyqtSignal(object)




def slot(my_class_instance):
    if my_class_instance:
        # my_class_instance is None

You don't need to specify a second option - it will be accepting a pointer for your class type, which can already be a None value:

valueChanged = pyqtSignal(MyClass)

# both will work as is
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    Is there any way for this to work with PyQt5 / Python 3.5+ then? I can only think of passing a wrapper class to the signal instead, i.e. a class with a single attribute which can be either None or a MyClass object. It seems a bit overkill to me though. – FernAndr Jul 24 '17 at 9:52
  • @FernAndr Its a few years later, but if you look at my answer there is already a standard python object None and your custom type have in common - the object type. – Maspe36 Nov 14 '19 at 22:36

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