I am currenty leading a team in designing a new device which involves programming a microcontroller integrated with software.

My idea is fairly simple:

  • Use a Micro-controller to detect RFID(the kind in most hotel room cards, aka you hold it up to a scanner and it gets the RFID ID), then interface with a software application that will get written in C#.

Micro-controller requirements:

  • capability of reading RFID(should only need I/O pins for this I am assuming, so it can connect to a transceiver that broadcasts for ID).

  • capability of communicating with C# via usb.

  • should be programmable in C

  • should have pins on the board, proto-boards and circuits to run the micro-processor are trying to be avoided.

I have heard that a PIC32 would be a good option for this, not sure what board I would go after though.

A possible scanner i have found is the https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8628

What would be a good controller for this, I am not looking for super fast in terms of micro-controller, I just need it to do its job and to reporte(the RFID ID) to the software?

I think C# would be the easiest lang to develop a software application in to do this project, does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I have a year to do this project.

  • This isn't really a code question. You might to take a look at: programmers.stackexchange.com for language questions and electronics.stackexchange.com/questions for microcontroller questions – Nick Sinas Aug 21 '12 at 13:54
  • That being said, C# and Java are both easy to interface with serial ports/usb. There are tons of examples out there. – Nick Sinas Aug 21 '12 at 13:56
  • I've interfaced with RFID before, but it was a phidget kit - and it came with demo C# code. One of the easiest projects I've done, but phidget's not recommended for commercial distribution - is it a paid piece of work? – user1017882 Aug 21 '12 at 13:57
  • DeeMac, Its a school funded project. we get about 500-800$ for parts and have to to this project. Thanks for the reccomendation Nick. – Recurrsion Aug 21 '12 at 14:07

If you're comfortable in C# you could use a .netmf board. I have the FEZ Panda II board which allows you to do write all your embedded code in .net + visual studio. It utilizes an ARM processor. Additionally this company offers a lot of different add-on modules that may be useful to you. The only caveat here is running a managed environment like this on a microprocessor doesn't give you a high degree of control over timing, from the sound of your project, this shouldn't be a big issue. It's also a highly inexpensive solution and runs around the same pricing as something like an arduino.

Arduino are really easy to use as well and are more 'low-level' with less abstraction layers. There is also a whole ton of add-ons for these as well.

If your budget is max 800$ and if that includes the eval board, the RFID eval board, the programming tools, the compiler, the electronics, the PCB and the components, this restricts a lot you choice.

The works performed by the MCU doesn't look too complex: just passing packets between the UART (or SPI) connected to the RFID chip and the USB. A simple, cheap MCU should be ok. No needs here for a powerful ARM. I would suggest something such as a MSP430 from TI. The c compiler is free for binaries smaller than 16k. Which seems the case here. The debugger is affordable : 100$. An eval board of MSP430 exists at ~30$.

But here it's not just a software problem. You have some electronics design to perform. But it's the price to pay if you want a "product" at the end and not some eval board connected together which is more a kind proof of concept.

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