A Day with Winrar

All I wanted to do was exclude folders and their contents using wildcards, and even after reading the docs, it turned into a guessing game...

So my test bed looks like:


And I am executing:

C:\>"c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" a -r !tmp1.rar !tmp1

which gives me a rar with !tmp1 as the root (sole top level folder).

The exclude switch is -x<filepathpattern> and may be included multiple times.

So, given that we want to exclude f2, and all its subcontents...


removes the contents, but leaves f2


does nothing - includes all


does nothing - includes all


does nothing - includes all (now I'm mad), so surely it must be..


nope, does nothing - includes all. So it has GOT to be...


hell no, does nothing - includes all. and I already know that


removes the contents, but leaves f2. Onward we go...


does nothing - includes all. Grrrr. Aha! how about...


nope, does nothing - includes all. WTF. Alright, So it has GOT to be...


Holy moly, it worked! Hmmm, then how come....


does not work? This was the little demon that sent me down this crazed path to begin with and should have worked!

Given all that, do I dare try to go after */a/* directories, removing contents and the dirs?


does not work, of course, does nothing.


does not work, of course, does nothing.


nope. But...


removes contents of both dirs, but leaves the folders. So, in desperation I can use the -ed switch which will not store empty folders, but this is a broad hack, I want to eliminate the folders specified not all empty folders.

With my animosity growing toward winrar, I am passing the baton of information forward with an eye to that glorious day when we will know how to specifically exclude a folder and its contents using wildcards and not using the -ed switch.

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    Consider the possibility that if you exclude a directory and include files in it, it gets created anyway. The documentation says you can include the -x directive multiple times. Did you try -x!tmp1\*\a\* -x!tmp1\*\a?
    – Wug
    Aug 21, 2012 at 21:13
  • 1
    No, I didn't try that based on the try of -x!tmp1\f2 worked at pruning that whole limb, so why shouldn't -x!tmp1\*\a work the same? I will try it though, thanks for your input. Aug 21, 2012 at 22:25
  • @MarkRobbins, could you ever solve this issue? Could you try my solution?
    – Andrew
    Apr 1, 2016 at 13:21

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(Quite old question but still may be relevant)

Maybe what you simply needed was this :

-x*\f2 -x*\f2\*

two exclude switches, should remove directory f2 and all its contents.


An even older question by now, but came across this question so I reproduced your folder structure and, at least nowadays (Winrar 5.11, not the latest but quite new), this works:


So the whole command line is:

"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" a -m5 -s !tmp1.rar !tmp1 -x*\f2

And this is what is stored in the .rar file:


Similarly, if you use -x*\a, all a folders are excluded, storing this:


Finally, combining both parameters (-x*\f2 -x*\a), you get this:


To manage large list of files to be excluded, you can create text fie and write all excluded files/folders relative to the source folder:

1) create file list.txt, write the name of excluded files/folders note: * refer to the source, all files/folders are relative to the source folder

*\f2 *\f3

2) Run the command

       rar a -r  [email protected] target.rar source-folder

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