Is it possible to specify mirror in pom.xml ? For example I am want to make one my own repo like central repo. And I want disable requests to the central repo and make all requests to my own repo. Is it possible to disable default central repo in Maven?

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In the pom it's not possible to define mirror entries furthermore it would be bad practice if definition of mirrors were possible (which is not the case). Similar for repositories definition in pom's (which are possible, but considered bad practice).

Best solution for such kind of thing is to install a repository manager which acts like a "own central repository."


Mirror can't be in the pom.xml. but it can be put add to your project's files.

When using maven 3.3.1+, you can use the core extension project-settings-extension to load the project settings, and put project specific mirrors into ${basedir}/.mvn/settings.xml in your project.

in ${basedir}/.mvn/extensions.xml

    <extensions xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/EXTENSIONS/1.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
  xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/EXTENSIONS/1.0.0 http://maven.apache.org/xsd/core-extensions-1.0.0.xsd">

in ${basedir}/.mvn/settings.xml

  • If the project has multiple modules, do you need that in each module, or will it work in just the root module? That is, if I have pom.xml in a, a/b, a/b/c, a/b/d, a/d, a/d/e and a/d/f and each has the pom from the parent directory as it's parent pom (except for a, obviously), can I just create a/.mvn? Jan 25, 2019 at 21:55
  • 1
    from maven 3.3.1, each invoke of maven must set property maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory, and this property is override by env MAVEN_BASEDIR or auto calculated recursively upward (like the .git dir) from the based dir detected via -f pom-file options or pwd. Jan 28, 2019 at 2:08
  • In your case, just create a/.mvn, then the commands mvn, mvn -pl b and mvn -f b/c/pom.xml will all use 'a/.mvn'. Jan 28, 2019 at 2:24
  • This worked for me like a charm - thank you so much!
    – mvmn
    Mar 30, 2020 at 12:29

That wouldn't make sense. POM files are not just to build projects, they are also uploaded to shared repositories. Now imagine that your POM ends up on Maven Central. What should happen when I add your project as dependency to one of my projects?

A better solution is to use a Maven proxy server.

  • 2
    Just for the sake of completeness. You won't get such kind of pom into central cause it will be rejected based on quality checks which exists on the path to central.
    – khmarbaise
    Aug 23, 2012 at 11:18
  • Well, I can think of several reasons why it might make sense. For example... the project references dependencies that name "joes-dead-repo" for indirect dependencies. You can't change those dependencies, but you might be able to use <mirror> to make mvn look to "my-live-repo". In other words, deal with someone else's mess. Settings.xml makes more sense... Jun 12, 2017 at 23:22
  • @SteventheEasilyAmused It doesn't make sense to put that into the POM. settings.xml and running your own proxy/mirror is the correct solution. Jun 15, 2017 at 8:16
  • A settings.xml is not provided to other consumers - so they can't get working builds without it whereas a published pom (with a mirror or equivalency type declaration) would be consumable. But NOT ideal. Jun 15, 2017 at 21:13
  • Make sense, not best practice, but if you use computer in home and in company network, and the company force you to use a mirror because of proxy and internet block (which makes me so upset and limited as developer that motivates me to move of company, but is not the question). Is best to put on a per project basis, then change settings.xml every time your laptop is moved. Oct 7, 2017 at 15:11

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