Is there a resource out there, which lists the delta Visual Studio 2012 <-> Visual Studio 2010 concerning new features etc...especially in the area of C# (not the language itself but the tools, like editor/debugger etc.) ? I have not found one @ MSDN.

That would be quite handy during the upgrade to VS 2012 in our team.

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MSDN has this info now, though maybe not in a side-by-side comparison format:

What's New in Visual Studio 2012
What's New for Visual C# in Visual Studio 2012
Visual C# Breaking Changes in Visual Studio 2012

You can see MSDN blogger Jason Zander's top 12 reasons to upgrade.

And a slideshow showing new features focusing on Win8/XAML/LightSwitch.

Also, the price of VS Professional has been lowered from US$799 to US$499 (there's no longer an upgrade option for this version).

The available project types may be interesting to some:
Comparison Chart: New Project Types Visual Studio 11 vs. Visual Studio 10


One good reason not to upgrade until really ready or this "feature" is fixed - Linq to EF Join throws "Index was out of range" after upgrade from VS2010 to VS2012

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