The SOLR search response is extremely slow using SOLR Apache Lucene 3.6.

Some performance enhancement techniques I'm experimenting with are

  • SOLR Pagination

  • mergeFactor currently set to 10 in solrConfig.xml

  • SOLR Facet queries

  • filterCache in solrconfig.xml set to size 512 and using solr.FastLRUCache and autowarm = 0;

  • queryResultCache in solfconfig.xml set to size 512 with autowarmCount=0

  • newSearcher, firstSearcher, and useColdSearcher

  • single segment index for 100,000 documents

  • single machine SOLR server for 100,000 documents

How can I optimize items 1-7 to increase SOLR search response for a term/query? Are there any other optimization parameters to consider not mentioned above?


You can also check below :-

  1. SolrPerformanceFactors
  2. ImproveSearchingSpeed
  3. ImproveIndexingSpeed
  4. SolrCaching
  5. the-seven-deadly-sins-of-solr
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