I want to go back a committed one. How can I do?

$ git reflog
9b2a45e HEAD@{0}: reset: moving to HEAD~1
0c54f19 HEAD@{1}: reset: moving to HEAD~1
b9c157d HEAD@{2}: commit: updated from online
0c54f19 HEAD@{3}: commit: add img from download folder
9b2a45e HEAD@{4}: commit: add images
6fa6e34 HEAD@{5}: clone: from git@bitbucket.org:starpix/dojo.git

$ git reset --hard HEAD~1
HEAD is now at 9b2a45e add images

I want to go back to "updated from online". how can I?


git checkout b9c157d checks out the commit represented by the sha starting with b9c157d -- the commit you asked about.


you can just move head forword to b9c157d

git reset --hard b9c157d
  • reset command would be the ideal one to use, so you can still get your branch to track your changes. you could use --soft or --mixed switches incase you want the skipped changes in your staging or working area, else --hard is good enough – maxmelbin Aug 23 '12 at 4:48

If you have the commit id of that particular commit then this syntax will do for you.

git checkout commit_name in the commit name pass the commit id and if you don't want to checkout again then to revert the commit will do by this one git revert commit_name.

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