we are building a very large Visual C++ 2010 solution (about 150 projects, full build takes about an hour) on a build server (Jenkins) with MSBuild. Unfortunately when a project fails, it is difficiult to find out which and why, because the console log is so long and errors are hard to find.

Is there a nice msbuild log parser or msbuild logger that nicely lists all failed projects and the error messages? The best we've found so far is the Warnings Plugin but this is pretty much useless in many cases.

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I find the Log Parser Plugin very useful, though you need to provide your own parser file (in /jobs/vs_parsing_rules). I use the following, which works well for msbuild

error /[Ee]rror *:/
error /Error on line/
error /error [CM]/
error /fatal error/
error /unresolved external/
error /[aA]ccess is denied/
error /aborted/
warning /[Ww]arning *:/
warning /[Ww]arning C/
warning /WARNING/
warning /Couldn't/
warning /Can't/
warning /Cannot/
warning /ld.*unsupported/
error /[uU]ndefined symbols/
warning /[rR]eferenced from/
warning /[nN]ot found/
warning /exit status/
warning /no symbols/
error /ERROR[^A-Za-z]/
info /INFO/
start /BUILD/

Another useful parsing rules that works for msbuild:

# Divide into sections based on project compile start
start /^------/

# Compiler Error
error /(?i)error [A-Z]+[0-9]+:/
error /MSBUILD : (?i)error :/
error /\(\d+(,\d+)?\): (?i)error [A-Za-z]*:/

# Compiler Warning
warning /(?i)warning [A-Z]+[0-9]+:/

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