I have a requirement to implement reporting functionality, both matrix like and graphical, for a client.

There will be a standard set of reports for which the user can set filters (such as from/to date, sales region etc.) and then click the generate button - All good so far.

The problem is that they require that certain users must be able to create their own reports based on a single table. This means that they choose the fields, group by, sub-totals, totals, titles etc. and how the report is displayed whether in a grid, matrix, bar chart, pie chart etc.

I’m new to reporting and I’ve been looking into Telerik, Infragistics, Crystal and .NET standard reporting over the last couple of days.
It appears to me that all these tools are geared towards creating a preset report at design-time and then allowing the user to apply a few filters before generating it.

Is what the client is asking for feasible and, if so, which of the available tools will be best suited?


I think one very good option is to use a SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Cube to allow clients to generate Ad-hoc reporting. You can create and define a data cube (cube = basic unit of storage and analysis in Analysis Services) and once deployed, a client can use the Cube Browser that lets them interactively explore the data in any cube that has been deployed and processed. Below are (2) good tutorials based on your version of SQL server that should help you from soup to nuts:

Building Ad-hoc Reporting Solutions with SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and Analysis Services OLAP

SSAS Tutorial: SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Tutorial

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  • Thanks for the links, I'll have a dig into them... – Jules Aug 23 '12 at 14:45

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