I have a script in which I'm meticulously checking return codes for error conditions, so that I can abort early in the event of a failure. One step of this script involves running a command as the root user on another box, via ssh and sudo.


ssh $HOST sudo $CMD
echo $?

ssh passes return codes back just fine, but even if $CMD returns a nonzero exit code, sudo still returns 0 after running the command.

How do I capture the return code to $CMD? I'm very partial to its being passed back as ssh's return code, but if there's another simple method which can't be confused by the output of $CMD, I'm all ears.

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As it turns out, sudo is passing the return code properly. My test case very likely was overwriting $? with a subsequent execution or conditional test. I normally use a named variable to preserve $? to avoid such things, but there you are.

  • Same here - i was echoing the result, so although ssh was passing the status code correctly, echo was returning 0. Oct 22, 2013 at 3:20

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