A client of ours has created a QR code that includes a blank space in the url. How would I write an nginx redirect that dealt with this problem?

A couple of attempts using things like "%20" in the string seem to cause nginx to error or fail the configtest

To be precise the QR code reads like this

http://www.google.com/somestuff /someotherstuf/pagewewant

and I need to re direct it to

http://www.google.com/somestuff/someotherstuf/pagewewant (The re write should show no blank space after somestuff )

Thanks for your time

  • you mean rewrite "/somestuff " /somestuff break; doesn't work? – staafl Aug 24 '12 at 2:32
  • can you post your nginx config with your current rewrite? – RickyA Aug 27 '12 at 17:52

Question is over two years old, but maybe it'll save someone some headaches.

Word of warning: I am no nginx expert. It's just one the things I tried after finding this unanswered question and it happened to work. It may not be the best way to do that. I would recommend checking the nginx documentation in case one is looking at handling a significantly large amount of such locations.

For the occasional rewrite including spaces I put the path in single quotes:

location '/level_one /landingpage.htm' { 
rewrite ^ http://www.foo.bar/level_one/landingpage.htm permanent; }

If for some reason you need to have spaces in the target put that in single quotes as well:

location '/downloads/foo bar.pdf' { 
rewrite ^ 'http://www.foo.bar/documents/foo bar.pdf' permanent; }
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I ran into the exact same problem. The reason you can't use %20 is, that nginx will interpret the uri, so %20 will not match:

http request line: "GET /something/%20something HTTP/1.1"
http uri: "/something/ something"

I don't wanted to use a location for this, so I used:

rewrite ^/something/\ something /something/something permanent;

This worked just fine for me.

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If you would like to remove spaces from a URL and then redirect to the stripped URL without the spaces simply use the following to catch all URLs with the issue:

rewrite ^(.*)(\s|%20)(.*)$ $1$3 permanent;

This is basically grabbing everything before the first occurrence of a space \s or a URL encoded space %20 in capture group 1 ($1). The spaces are then captured in group 2 ($2). Then finally anything left over past group 2 is captured in group 3 ($3). I then join capture groups 1 and 3 together ($1$3) to form the redirect URL without the spaces in capture group 2 ($2).

This will work with a URL with multiple spaces throughout the URL, but it is working one at a time. So the URL with 2 spaces in it, will then redirect to the URL with 1 space and then finally to URL with no spaces.

You can of course change the redirect type from permanent if you wish. This will currently redirect with a 301 code.

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  • rewrite ^(.*)(\s|%20)+(.*)$ $1$3 permanent; is a little bit better – Anton Shurashov Sep 28 '19 at 7:17

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