With three numbers, $x, $y, and $z, I use the following code to find the greatest and place it in $c. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

$a = $x;
$b = $y;
$c = $z;
if ($x > $z && $y <= $x) {
    $c = $x;
    $a = $z;
} elseif ($y > $z) {
    $c = $y;
    $b = $z;

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Probably the easiest way is $c = max($x, $y, $z). See the documentation on maxDocs for more information, it compares by the integer value of each parameter but will return the original parameter value.

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    Old q/a, I know, but <insert a mini-rant about PHP documentation here> as an explanation for why I wasn't aware of max() at the time.
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    Mar 17, 2017 at 17:23

You can also use an array with max.

max(array($a, $b, $c));

if you need to

if($a>$b && $a>$c)
echo "Greater value is a=".$a;
else if($b>$a && $b>$c)
echo "Greater value is b=".$b;
else if($c>$a && $c>$b)
echo "Greater value is c=".$c;
echo"Dont Enter Equal Values";


Greater value is a=20

If you want to Compare Three Variables. Compare two integers and get maximum of them by using max() function. Then compare the maximum with the third variable!

$x = 1; $y = 2; $z = 3;
$maximum = max($x, $y);
$c = max($maximum, $z);
echo $c; //3

Also you could do it just in one line max(max($x, $y), $z).


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