Where can I find free sound effects for a game?

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http://www.freesound.org/ Also, archive.org may have some stuff.

sfxr is a great tool if you want to generate vintage arcade sounds. It can generate all sorts of cool laser, explosions & blip sounds. You can generate random sounds or adjust existing ones until you get just what your looking for. There is Mac port as well called cfxr

Happy tweaking :)

Essentially, you want to be searching for "public domain" sound effects - these are sound effects that are made for the intention of publicly sharing, i.e. they have no copyright and you can use them however you like. Those were just the top results for a Google search for "public domain game sound effects".

Sorry to piggyback off Google here, but that's really your best bet; just keep exploring til you find what you need!

I know that a lot of people use Flashkit for free sfx in Flash videos, at least.

When Soundsnap went pro, I started using:


It's Creative Commons based and all sounds are free to use plus there are somthing like 1,500 sounds in there too currently. I have used several pro sites in the past and I must say that everything on this site is just as high quality.

I suggest you also this very nice website : http://www.lasonotheque.org/en/

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Lots of CC-licensed music and sound-effects on Kongregate Collabs. Also, the free utility sfxr and its Mac version cfxr are terrific for quickly-generating game sounds.

My honest advice is buy a decent microphone and buy some cantelope

If you need voice acting for your game, the guy who voiced Serious Sam is in need of cash and will do lines for $1/word.

From his site:

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