I have a column containing values spread over several rows. Some of the values have a space either in front or at the end of the value. Is there a simple way to find out such occurences in a excel sheet.

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Assuming you have the data in column A, you could enter the following formula in any column starting from row 1 and drag down to identify spaces

=IF(OR(LEFT(A1,1)=" ",RIGHT(A1,1)=" "),TRUE,FALSE)

TRUE will identify data with a leading or trailing space

  • It can be simplified as: OR(LEFT(A1,1)=" ",RIGHT(A1,1)=" ") Mar 17, 2021 at 13:38

Yes there is. So the original length is


right? If you trim it and it returns a different length, then there was a space at either the beginning or end of the value, which would be-

  • This will not work in all cases as Trim also removes double spaces. Plus isn't this an exact copy of a previous answer?
    – user3904868
    Mar 18, 2016 at 11:15

Do you want the check in a separate column? If so, try adding this in a column next to the data (or anywhere you want, as long as you reference the column):


This would go in cell B1. Note that this will also catch instances with multiple spaces before/after the string. However as @YograjGupta mentions, this will also return true if there are consecutive spaces inside the string.

enter image description here

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    It will give "SPACE!", if cell value contains more then one space in between, like "ADSF<space><space><space>ASDF". Aug 24, 2012 at 9:44

If none of the other answers in this post work, but Sachin Pandit's "CODE(160)" formula does, then you didn't actually have "spaces" as such [CHAR(32)] but rather some non-breaking whitespaces [CHAR(160)]. To deal with text that has double (or more) CHAR(32) spaces between words, you could use this formula:

=IF(OR(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"  ",""),1)=" ",RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"  ",""),1)=" "),TRUE,FALSE)

Other than below code, rest did not work - This is to only find leading spaces ,

=IF(CODE(LEFT(<reference cell>,1))=160,"Leading Space","No Leading space")

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