I'm running VS2008 and have used SystemParametersInfo to activate "Focus Follows Mouse" and "Do not Raise On Focus." Sadly though, VS2008 (with and without SP1) doesn't honour the "Do not Raise" part and eagerly pushes into the foreground every time the pointer touches its window.

A while ago I complained about that on my blog and posted an example app to set the parameters. Two others also reported having that problem, but they too didn't know how to proceed.

How could I fix/workaround this problem? Anything else I should try?

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Try true X-mouse. At least visual studio won't steal the focus anymore. You might not like the copy-and-past behaviour it introduces, though, and also pop-up windows usually don't appear in visual studio (use alt-tab to find them).

  • Rul-o-matic! Except that it disables the middle mouse button for things like "open in new Tab" in firefox :-/ – David Schmitt Sep 23 '08 at 14:22
  • ... and of course I had to disable the native FFM behaviour again to keep the studio from popping up. – David Schmitt Sep 24 '08 at 7:24

I've noticed that Visual Studio only seems to auto-raise when a "document" has focus in VS. If you select a Find Results window or the Solution Explorer in VS, then the auto-raise doesn't occur.

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    I'm using FFM to avoid clicking when switching apps. Clicking in the app I'm leaving is no improvement over clicking in the app I'm going to. – David Schmitt Jan 13 '09 at 8:58
  • Even when a document is not focused, sometimes VS will raise if the cursor travels over "Sign in" button near the navbar :*( – Daniel X Moore Feb 13 '15 at 17:12

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