If I don't include the debug attribute in the compilation element like this:

    <compilation />

Does it default to true or false? Links to sources would be appreciated.

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The default for debug attribute in the compilation is false

MSDN - compilation Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema)


Optional Boolean attribute. Specifies whether to compile debug binaries rather than retail binaries. The default is False.


The default value is false, but beware of ASP.NET Configuration File Hierarchy and Inheritance.

So, if in a specific web.config file you find:

    <compilation />

It may very well be that the actual value it true, if there is a web.config file at a higher level with:

    <compilation debug="true" />

If you use the the IIS configuration editor, you can see the actual values. A drop down list allows you to inspect the values set at a higher level. Configuration inheritance at work

You can see that the value of debug=true. Not because it is set in the web.config file at the application level, but at the root site level.


The Default value will be false.

Here is a link to MSDN about the compilation tag for web.config.


The default is false as described by previous answers.

If debug=true is specified in Machine.config, every web app's web.config will inherit it and it will be treated as default then.


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