The "options" sub-tab of the fiddler "Composer" tab lets you tear off the Composer into a floating window. Question is how to put it back? I lost the floating window and now fiddler's composer is gone. I didn't find anything in the menus to restore fiddler or its GUI to factory defaults. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling fiddler, no-go; Then uninstalling, grepping the registry and blowing away all keys that had anything to do with fiddler and reinstalling -- no-go. The only thing that worked was paving the machine -- (which I had to do anyway -- I didn't do that just to solve this fiddler problem!)


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The floated Details View can be returned to the docked state by closing it.

In your case, it sounds like the view may have gone off-screen. On Windows 7 with Fiddler, a floated Details View shows up in the taskbar as a distinct Fiddler window. Hovering over the Fiddler icon on the taskbar, moving the cursor over the Details View preview, right-clicking the Details View preview, selecting Maximize, and then pressing Alt-F4 returns the view to its docked state.

Obviously, flattening your box and reinstalling Fiddler is also a solution. ;)

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