I am trying to use .format() to format my output. I am trying to align the float to be centered, occupy a width of 12 and only display 2 decimal points.

I already have it working to be centered and occupy a width of 12 as follows:

print "{:^12}".format(dig)

However, how do I add the two decimal places format into this? I know it's .2f, but how do I combine it all? I tried adding it after the 12, before the : and at all sorts of places - it would always throw back an error.



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Just use 12.2f:

>>> print "|{:^12.2f}|".format(145.6798)
|   145.68   |

used | just to prove that the 12 width is working.


Here's the documentation for the format specification:

dig = 22/7.0   # 3.142857142857143

print "->123456789012<-"
print "->{:^12.2f}<-".format(dig)   # using .2f as you expected

will give you

->    3.14    <-  

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