How can I use only the XAML-Code-View without Visual Studio load the Design-Mode?

I need every Time disable the designMode, i cant find this in my options...

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In vs2015 goto:

Tools > Options > Xaml Designer

Choose "Source View" for "Default Document view"

or you can disable it completely by unchecking "Enable XAML Designer"

In vs2010 goto:

Tools > Options > Text Editor > XAML > Miscellaneous

Under "Default View" Section

check Always open documents in full XAML view

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    This is especially relevant now that VS 2017 RC is out. For me the #%$@ design mode would randomly pull me out of the XAML view. They're doing something now that when you're editing the XAML, something triggers the designer to reload. Being able to uncheck 'Enable XAML Designer' stops that BS dead in its tracks! – MarqueIV Jan 5 '17 at 2:19

Right click .xml file in "Source Explorer", select "Open With" and choose "Source Code(Text) Editor" as default.

  • For some reason Visual Studio keeps forgetting this setting and reverting to the Xaml editor. – willem Feb 17 '16 at 12:08
  • Unlike accepted answer this one works for VS 2017 – alehro Jun 7 '17 at 12:56

In VS 2017, navigate to Tools -> Options -> XAML Designer.

Change the combobox labeled "Default document view" from "Split View" to "Source View".


In VS 2015, It can be also achieved by clicking the collapse icon then clicking the XAML icon, it will first show designer only then it will show the xaml code only and keep the designer collapsed just in case you need it.

Click the collapse icon (The double arrows) Click the collapse icon

Click the XAML icon (XAML with code sign) Click the XAML icon

This is what it should look like after clicking the XAML icon

Click the xaml icon

Finally you can Save window layout from the window menu, and use the layout when you open your project next time.

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