I am using pdftohtml to convert pdf files dynamically to html files, I do this through PHP on a linux server.

I use the following code to test the pdf to html conversion:

$output = shell_exec("cd pdftohtml_linux; pdftohtml test.pdf");

It doesn't work, and echo $output doesn't output anything, although any other linux command such as ls and make work perfectly fine and display the corresponding output.

The strange thing is that the exact same code works like a charm on localhost on ubuntu 12.04, the html files are generated and there's some output from shell_exec() logging the number of pages and some other stuff. According to phpinfo() the web server's system is: Linux infong 2.4 #1 SMP

Any idea on how to get it to work?


On your server, if you have PHP < 5.4.0, you might have safe_mode on. This will be output by phpinfo() (look for safe_mode on the page).

If it's the case and you have access to the server's configuration, change safe_mode to "0" in php.ini or httpd.conf.


For whatever this answer is worth...

you need to find where your pdftohtml is installed first. Its usually in /usr/bin/

Then run shell_exec("/usr/bin/pdftohtml test.pdf");


I too ran into the same problem. I fixed it by adding ' 2>&1'

exec("pdftohtml test.pdf 2>&1");

See if this works for you

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