I have come to Grails without first being a Spring developer. This is great when things work but leaves me lost when things don't work as I expect, or I wish to extend things in ways unanticipated by the existing Grails documentation and reference books.

I would also like to learn more about Spring best practices and with a reference I wonder if Grails would make a good case study.

Can anyone recommend some good resources for learning how Grails was built (as opposed to how to build something with Grails)?


A simple overview of the controller/helper mechanism can be found here:


Grails just builds on top of a SpringMVC dispatcher servlet for bootstrapping then provides a single controller (SimpleGrailsController) for delegating requests to a helper (SimpleGrailsControllerHelper ). That should get you started, it also makes use of Spring Webflow as well. Download the source code and take a look at that for more info:


or browse their Fisheye repo:


You should probably get an understanding for SpringMVC (and later Spring Webflow), try looking for a basic tutorial, e.g.:


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