I am new to Eclipse CDT. I did some online search but I got lost. I installed MinGW (works fine with command window), then I installed Eclipse Helios wascana. I did add path/enviroment to Properties->C/C++ build -> enviroment (C:\MinGW\bin) Eclipse underlines #include <stdlib.h> #include #include unresolved inclusion. I guess I did not link it to MinGW libraries. Can anyone help?


In my case, I did the following: Properties->C/C++ Build -> Tool Chain Editor then I chose MinGw GCC as the current toolchain. It looks like it works now. Give it a show


Go to:- properties> C/C++ Build> Tool Chain Editor>

then, select :-

  Current Tool chain as --> Cygwin GCC


  Current builder as --> CDT Internal Builder   

it worked for me. hope it will work for u and others as well!! :)

EDit : for linux users


I got this error even when the compiler was certanly ok, so only build/rebuild (sometimes) and starting new project could help. May be it's not your case, but Eclipse "loves" this error so much, that's wat i found out about it

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