I have highcharts graphics. When I create my page I show empty graphics (I don't set data attribute and there is only titles of graphics, inside of them is empty.) I get data from server asynchronously and call


function at callback. However user sees an empty page and I want to show a loading image for them. This: http://api.highcharts.com/highcharts#loading doesn't work for me.

Any ideas?


I did it work as explained at given URL:

function updateGraphic(url, chartName) {
    $.getJSON(url, function(data){
  • This works on updating the graphic. But for me it doesn't work on startup. – saitam Jan 3 '17 at 15:10

"Loading.." word seems too amateur. Use that trick instead

var chart = new Highcharts.Chart(options);
chart.showLoading('<img src="/images/spinner.gif">');

$.getJSON(url, function(data){
       //load data to chart
  • 2
    This works for me. Why the down vote? Also, the questioner accepted his own answer which is not 'animation' at all. – Tianyun Ling Jun 20 '16 at 20:37

This is a simple piece i always use to show the loading.

let's say this is our container

<div id='container'>
  <img id="spinner" src="/assets/chart_loader.gif"/>

And this is the piece of ajax that takes care to show when the getJson starts for the chart and hide when it stops.

$(document).ajaxStart ->

$(document).ajaxComplete ->

You can define globally for each page using this plugin JQuery Block UI

and usage is

  jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
        $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });
        $(document).ajaxStart(function () {
            message: '<h3><img alt="" class="GifIcon" src="Images/319.gif" />Please wait Data is Loading From Server ...... </h3>'
    $(document).ajaxStop(function () {


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