I have simple xpath


It works but now how do I filter on multiple categorie values


/products/product[contains(categorie,'Kinderwagens')]  +  

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Will this work?

/products/product[contains(categorie,'Kinderwagens') or contains(categorie,'Wonderwagens')]

There is a similar question here


Do you really want contains()? Very often, people use contains() to test whether a node contains a value when they should be using "=". The difference is that if the categorie element has the string value 'Kinderwagens', then categorie = 'wagens' is false but contains(categorie, 'wagens') is true.

If you actually intended '=', then in XPath 2.0 you can write [categorie = ('Kinderwagens', 'Wonderwagens')]. If you're still using XPath 1.0, you need two separate comparisons with an 'or'.

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There are many ways:

  1. //*[contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens') or contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens')]
  2. //product[contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens') or contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens')]
  3. //products/product[contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens') or contains(text(), 'Kinderwagens')]
  4. //products/product[contains(categorie, 'Kinderwagens') or contains(categorie, 'Kinderwagens')]

Note: | (Bitwise OR) operator don't be use


You can pass the multiple text as like below

//a[contains(text(),'JB-' | 'ABC')]
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    This didn't work for me. The xpath needs to be edited slightly like this: //a[contains(text(),'JB-') or contains(text(), 'ABC')] Aug 13, 2019 at 11:50

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