I included Ghost4J 0.45 into my project using Maven and installed Ghostscript into C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.06.

But I still get an error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'gsdll64'.

I added into PATH env variable directory where located 'gsdll64.dll' (i.e. C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.06). Also tried launch application using -Djava.library.path=/path/to/dir.

But I alwways get UnsatisfiedLinkError (but when I launch using JVM argument -Djava.library.path I get ClassNotFound exception (Eclipse can't find Main class, but I manually point Eclipse to Main class when I laucnh my app))/


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Does it work if you copy gsdll64 to your working directory? :-)


if u want to use a system property -Djna.library.path=/path/to/dir should be used instead of -Djava.library.path=/path/to/dir

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